A Loveletter to Northside Festival

With Manhattan waving farewell to CMJ festival last year, the city once again lovingly embraced Northside Festival in Brooklyn this past weekend. A whirlwind five days of concerts, panels, and workshops, a virtual reality playground, block party, and even a 5k, the festival and conference packed a big punch. Be it podcast nerd, world music aficionado, tech entrepreneur, or freelance journalist, there was something for everyone. It seems Northside ain’t goin nowhere, and only gets better with age

The Death By Audio Documentary Will Make You Nostalgic About Brooklyn’s DIY Past

During the Q&A the owners of DBA say that everything was worth it if they've inspired someone in the world to create a DIY space of their own. And while it's easier to start up something new in cities with cheaper rents and more space to spread, DBA proved that there is no community more motivated and passionate than New York. While the old model of DIY rarely went hand-in-hand with the law, a few new venues are paving the way for the community to thrive sustainably. Venues like Alphaville and

It’s Been One Month Since He Died

You’re still receiving messages from friends for whom it took a while to get the news. Over the past weeks, you’ve absorbed almost everyone’s kind words, their Facebook messages are laden with heart emojis and phone numbers and offers to help in any way possible. But there are still those unopened laments that you can’t bring yourself to fully read just yet, like the one from your brother’s teenage crush, a girl writes she will never forget the first time she s

Using our voices strongly, softly, and strategically, for the next 4 years

I woke up hours before my alarm on November 9th with a nervous jolt and the halo of a hangover. The night before came rushing back: going to an election celebration dance party with high hopes. Showing up to a silent dance floor and a wide-eyed crowd hovering around a screen. Biking home and seeing a chair fire in the middle of an empty boulevard. Nauseous waves of disgust, shock, and disbelief as I fell asleep, praying things would be different when I opened my eyes again.
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